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A Vision for the Future

Hopefully wholesale nfl jerseys by cheap nba jerseys now cheap jerseys you Frank will This have PRESS: received a letter from me outlining our vision for the future of education in the North of Shrewsbury.

Sundorne School and The Grange were both built in the 1950s, well over 60 years ago. If we look to the future, for the next 60 or more years, two thing seem very clear to me; firstly that we need new buildings to replace the existing ones, and secondly that the two small secondary schools need bringing together to function as one school. I think the argument for a new building is very clear and desirable; some people may however question the need for one school.

The likelihood of attracting funding for two new schools in the north of the town is close to zero. Also, as I said in my letter there are many reasons to do with the quality of educational provision for our students, as well as the financial situation in a world where school funding is led by the number of students on role and subsidies for small schools are increasingly removed.

In September 2014 The Grange will have approximately 340 students on roll and Sundorne approximately 540, a total of 880. This needs to be viewed in the context that the average size of a secondary school in England is just below 1000. The funding of schools in England is such that schools of 850-900 are financially viable and sustainable, able to provide the best possible facilities and resources for their students.

Small schools increasingly find it difficult to provide the resources that their students deserve and are entitled to. Providing a broad balanced curriculum with a wide variety of option choices for those students aged over 14 is increasingly difficult within a small school.

So the major reasons for this new vision are:

  • Modern facilities suited to the 21st Century
  • A broader curriculum providing more opportunities and more courses to suit student need and interest
  • A financially sustainable school with money to invest in better resources and ICT
  • To provide the North of Shrewsbury with an Academy second to none in all aspects

It is envisaged that the new school will accommodate approximately 850+ students aged 11-16 and, ultimately, a Post 16 Centre for approximately 200 students giving a total school size of around 1000+.

It is possible that some primary schools may wish to be involved in this project.

I am sure that you will have many important questions to ask about the location of the site (not known at present), staffing, uniform, management, admissions, the Post 16 Centre etc. However, at this time we would welcome your views and your input regarding this proposal as it stands, as a general vision. These critical elements will be determined in detailed discussion with you and other stakeholders once we are ready to proceed with turning the vision into reality.

I don’t wish to repeat the whole letter here, suffice to say that I would welcome your views in helping to develop this vision and would request your feedback as soon as possible. Information sharing and discussion meetings will take place with staff, parents and students over the next few weeks.

Alternatively you may wish to email your views as to whether you feel this is a good idea, and why, if it could be made better, and how or why you feel it is not an idea that should be taken forward to

I would like to finish by wishing our Year 11s good luck for their exam results in the summer and their subsequent careers in either further education or the world of work.

Best wishes for a great summer holiday,

G Pettengell
Shrewsbury Academies Trust