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A Vision for the future – February update

In May 2014 the Board of the Shrewsbury Academies Trust shared their new vision for the future of secondary education in the North Shrewsbury area. The plan is to have one secondary school serving the wholesale MLB jerseys north of the town. We are awaiting the | outcome of a bid cropper for a new building to make the vision a reality.

Given the current financial circumstances relating to all schools and The Grange School in particular, it cheap NFL jerseys has been agreed that a desirable interim step of moving towards the bigger vision Vision in a new building should be to create one school sharing the current facilities ie a split site cheap jerseys school. The split on site school would commence 1st September 2016.

Read more in: Letter to Parents February 2015

As a result of parent feedback we have agreed to extend the formal consultation process up to and ?LANICE including Friday 20th March 2015.